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We founded our company here at HardwareZone years ago with a very simple philosophy. We strive to offer the very best in professional services that any trade has to offer.

Our success is attributed to offering affordable replacement parts rates backed by honest, professional, dependable, friendly service. A warranty is provided with our work so you can rest assured that it is done right, but if you have any problems it will be taken care of with no charge to you. We treat our customers like we were working for family by respecting them, their homes, and cleaning up after the work is complete. Our techs are licensed, background checked, and drug free. We love our home and are an integral part of the Australian community and it’s success.

To help with your decision it can also be beneficial to read third party reviews that relate to the windscreen replacement service that you’re interested in hiring . If they all speak positively about the provider then it might be worth considering taking their services on. If not, simply return to your search and see if you can come across a more reputable agency.

CUDA for Professionals – NVIDIA’s Newest Quadro GPUs
Graphics | 30th Jan 2016
NVIDIA has brought its latest GTX 200 GPU architecture to its professional workstation line of Quadro graphics cards. Included in this refresh is an interesting Quadro CX model that promises to use CUDA to improve encoding speed in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. Obviously, we had to try it ourselves and here’s our experience.

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Portable external HDDs are a dime a dozen, but few are as sleek and good-looking as the Samsung S2. We dig deeper to see if it’s more than just another pretty face.

Gigabyte EX58-UD4P
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Fancy shifting to Intel’s new Nehalem CPU architecture? Well, you’ll probably need a new motherboard to go with that processor and Gigabyte may just have a tempting one with its EX58-UD4P.

i.Tech Clip Naro 601
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Multiple linkup to different devices via a single Bluetooth headset? That’s what the i.Tech Clip Naro 601 showed itself to be capable of during our run with it.

Mophie Juice Pack (Apple iPhone 3G)
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Philips GoGear LUXE
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Though aimed at the female consumers, the Philips GoGear LUXE, as both an MP3 player and a Bluetooth headset, will prove itself to be equally useful to the men.

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Bringing 3D to Your Homes – NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision
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Announced recently at the Consumer Electronics Show, NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision aims to bring realistic 3D visuals to your homes. We take a closer look at the technology behind it, and more importantly, see if it can live up to its hype.

Getting Jiggy With Windows 7 – Installing the Beta
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No external optical drive but itching to install Win7 on your Intel Atom-based machines? Fret not, the latest Windows 7 OS from Microsoft allows you to install it from a USB drive. Find out how.

Don’t You Know I’m Toxic? – Sapphire HD 4870 1GB Toxic Edition
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The Radeon HD 4870 from ATI has been around awhile now and it’s beginning to lose its wow factor to NVIDIA’s recent offerings. Thankfully vendors like Sapphire are breathing new life to it with its factory-overclocked Radeon HD 4870 1GB Toxic Edition. Find out if it succeeds in doing so.

MSI P7NGM-Digital (NVIDIA GeForce 9300 mGPU)
Mainboard | 26th Jan 2009
NVIDIA’s GeForce 9300/9400 mGPU is going places, what with the new Ion platform for Atom powered devices. Today however, we’re looking at the desktop segment with our second retail GeForce 9300 mGPU board, the MSI P7NGM-Digital arriving in our lab.

Punctual. Professional. Friendly. Courteous.

These are only some of the attributes exhibited by HardwareZone. Bill arrived at my house at approximately 3:45, and by 6:00, he had diagnosed the problem, provided me a clear explanation for the paperwork, and installed a new water heater. It was such a seamless process. I even left for a meeting, letting Bill have my house for the hour. He were extremely helpful, courteous, and are great ambassadors for his company. Thank you so much for your time.

Forrest H.

Ric Lavoie did an excellent job of communicating about the service & repairs needed and performed! An outstanding professional! Thank you

G Underwood

We were in desperate need of help. We hadn’t had hot water for several days despite my husband’s efforts to replace a broken ball valve water main shutoff. Ric Lavoie came to our rescue and we will be forever grateful. Thank you and God Bless from the bottoms of our hearts.

Lisa P.

I appreciated the time Ric Lavoie took to explain the water heater issue. He showed me the part that needed to be replaced and took care of it. He wore covers over his shoes.

Cindy M

CT. Licensed Plumbers, LLC was fantastic! Even the town inspector who came afterwards said what a wonderful job he does and that its always done the right way. I got their number from a friend, they were very accomodating to my wacky schedule, was reasonably priced, explained everything to me. they also made sure I was aware of all the tax credits and PSNC rebate offered for installing my tankless water heater. Recommend CT. Licensed Plumbers, LLC very highly and have every intention of using him for all my plumbing needs from now on!!

Anthony T

I had a recurring leak in my sump pump for more than 6 months. Several companies had been out to fix the leap multiple times and had tried everything from new pipes, venting and even a new sump pump. Yesterday I finally called CT. Licensed Plumbers, LLC . My service technician identified the problem immediately and took the time to carefully explain details to me so that I would understand. While the cost to repair it correctly was more than I wanted to pay, it was less than what I had already paid previous contractors who didn’t know what they were doing. the technician made the repairs immediately and the system now appears to be working properly. The techinican was extremely professional and knowledgeable and made the entire process the best you could expect. I highly recommend CT. Licensed Plumbers, LLC and will definitely use them in the future for all of my plumbing needs.

Maurice M